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Valley schools fight flu season with new technology

Some Mahoning Valley schools have received a cordless electronic handheld sprayer from Victory Innovations.

This is all apart of the “Keep Kids Healthy Initiative.” The initiative was established to help public schools prevent the spread of the flu and other viruses through access to better tools and technology.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to help strengthen those preventative measures,” said Kyle Wheaton, president of Victory Innovations. “With our patented sprayers, schools can quickly implement a critical line of defense against harmful germs and viruses.”

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Vernon ISD cleans schools to prevent another flu outbreak

Vernon, TX (TNN) – Vernon ISD maintenance crews cleaned and fumigated all the district’s schools after a flu and strep throat outbreak closed them down on Feb 15th.

“From a financial standpoint we can spray the district five to 10 times ourselves,” Byrd said.

Byrd said the long term plans are to use the sprayers more often such as in the middle of the fall semester, between Christmas and Spring Break as well as at the end of the school year.

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River Road ISD expands flu prevention efforts with new technology

AMARILLO (KVII) — Peak flu season is expected to run a few more weeks, but River Road ISD’s preventative measures are working to keep its students healthy.

Victory Innovations donated a wrap-around disinfectant as part of the “Keep Kids Healthy” initiative. It was designed to help public schools prevent viruses through better technology.

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Magazine School District expands flu prevention efforts with new technology

Magazine School District is enhancing its flu prevention efforts to better protect students, parents, caregivers, teachers and school staff from harmful bacteria this season.

Of the more than 14,000 school districts across the United States, Magazine School District, is among a progressive group of just 625 schools to have received a Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer as part of the Victory Innovations “Keep Kids Healthy” initiative.

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Brookfield Local Schools get new electrostatic disinfectant sprayer to keep away germs

Brookfield Local Schools are taking the next step in cleaning innovations. Flu season can be rough, especially when you’re a student or teacher trying to stay on track.

“The idea is that we can proactively take on this problem so that less students are out sick, sickness isn’t spreading as quickly,” said Ryan Mirto, director of marketing for Rhiel Supply.

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School district works to prevent spreading the flu

A top priority for the custodial staff is keeping the schools clean and disinfected. “If they have an indication of a particular school that is seeing a bit of a spike in student illnesses then they’ll dispatch that crew to go overnight and do a deep cleaning of an individual building,” he said.

And they’re bringing out the big guns to get the job done. They are using a tool called the Victory Sprayer.

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Disinfecting Schools on Snow Days

“It was perfect timing,” David Shutt head of maintenance for Daviess County Public Schools said. “To deep clean the rooms and putting some extra time into it without the students present is an ideal time for us to get a lot of clean up done.”

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Schools Get Helping Hand in Fighting Flu with New Technology

In 2018 Victory Innovations announced they were giving away $500,000 worth of its sprayers as a part of its “Keep Kids Healthy” initiative. The initiative was established to help public schools prevent the spread of flu and other viruses through access to better tools for their disinfection protocols.

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Granger School is Taking Action to Fight the Flu After 30% of Students Call in Sick

One local school says flu has overrun the building. Granger Christian School closed its doors to students allowing the building to be swept with Victory Sprayers.

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Granger school temporarily closes for cleaning after sickness causes absences

GRANGER — The flu causing one local school to temporarily close.

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Blowin’ away sickness

Known by school staff as the “germ gun,” the “germinator,” or by its proper name, the Electrostatic Sprayer, it is the newest tool in Cleburne ISD’s cleaning arsenal in the war against colds and flu.

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No Decline in Flu Cases, but HCS is Using New Equipment to Keep Schools Clean

Huntsville City Schools remains open, but the district is calling on technology in its fight against the Flu.

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Waxahachie ISD purchases new sanitizing equipment to curb illnesses

With school districts across Texas closing due to flu outbreaks, Waxahachie ISD has taken extra precautions to eliminate germs and viruses with a new, handy cleaning device.

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Schools that Continue to be Open are Fighting the Flu with Proactive Steps

As multiple school districts across the Tennessee Valley close so students can rest and combat the flu, the districts that remain open are being careful and taking proactive steps to stop the spread of germs during the school day.

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Electrostatic Spraying Technology Used for Stopping the Spread of Flu in Schools

Huntsville City Schools is using Victory Innovations equipment to fight the flu this season.

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Victory Innovations Sprayers Used to Combat The Flu in Warren, Ohio

Warren City School maintenance staff uses our electrostatic sprayer to help keep their school clean and their students safe from the flu.

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Penzato Insurance Able To Resume Business As Usual

Penzato Insurance is finally back to normal operations after our electrostatic sprayers help them to resume business as usual.

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New Sanitation Methods to be Used on Springfield School Buses

Springfield Schools are trying to combat the flu and other illnesses by sanitizing the place kids go first before they step into the classroom — the school bus.

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With Help From Our Sprayer, Bishop Lynch HS Able to Reopen After Flu Outbreak

As school districts across the region close to sanitize classrooms and buses, some are looking at ways to stay one step ahead of the flu.

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Special delivery: KISD employees get lunches to local children

KAUFMAN, TX. (WALB) — Kaufman Independent School district goes above and beyond to deliver lunches to students at home during the Coronavirus outbreak.

In order to make sure the buses stay clean, KISD is utilizing Victory Electrostatic Sprayers.

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Cairo High School uses new cleaning method during COVID-19 outbreak

CAIRO, GA. (WALB) — Cairo High School has implemented Victory Electrostatic Sprayers into their infection prevention protocol in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The school uses the sprayers throughout the school as well as on buses to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

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Bus service still providing rides, delivering medicine to those who need it

BENZIE COUNTY, MI (WPBN/WGTU) — Benzie Bus is able to stay open for transportation thanks to Victory Electrostatic Sprayers.

Benzie Bus will also deliver medicine for free to those in need in addition to continuing to offer transportation.

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Electrostatic sprayers used to ‘deep clean’ Knox County Schools

KNOX COUNTY, TN (Knox News) — Knox County Schools are deep cleaning their schools using Victory Electrostatic Sprayers.

Even after closing due to the Coronavirus, Knox County Schools understands the importance of keeping up with an effective infection prevention protocol.

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Colorado school districts prepare for any potential coronavirus threats

DENVER, CO (KDVR) — With a confirmed case of the coronavirus in Denver, Colorado, schools are putting an emphasis on infection protocols to be sure students are safe and healthy.

Victory’s Electrostatic Sprayers are becoming the industry standard for dealing with infection prevention and infection control.

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Martin County Schools have new tool to fight covid19

MARTIN COUNTY, FL (WBPF) — Martin County Schools are on high alert for coronavirus. Hoping to keep the schools clean, the district has turned to Victory’s Electrostatic Sprayers to deploy their chemicals.

With a diligent sanitization protocol, Martin County knows Victory can tremendously help the school efficiently clean surfaces with confidence.

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MTD steps up sanitization efforts on buses, vans

CHAMPAIGN (The News Gazette) — Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District has turned to Victory Electrostatic Sprayers in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to MTD Chief of Staff Amy Snyder states that the ADA Paratransit Vans are being sprayed every day and the buses are being sprayed weekly.

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‘Next level’ clean — How RAA is fighting the flu and other germs with a high-tech sprayer

RICHMOND, VA. (WRIC) – Richmond Ambulance Authority is implementing Victory Electrostatic Sprayers to keep their ambulances disinfected. 

The use of Victory’s Sprayers was able to bring the level of micro-organisms and bacteria down from 50 to 2. 

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Coronavirus: Canadian transit providers plan safeguards against COVID-19 outbreak

Global News/The Associated Press (CANADA) —The Toronto Transit Commission is taking extra steps to ensure the coronavirus does not spread via public transit.

Using Victory Innovations’ Electrostatic Technology, Canadian transit providers are implementing extra precaution.

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Kansas Company Working with Hospitals to Disinfect Against Potential Coronavirus Exposure

Fulton, MO. (WDAF) — Fulton Medical Center is introducing Electrostatic Sprayers to their sanitization protocol.

The hospital staff is fully committed to killing all harmful bacteria and keeping the hospital as safe as possible thanks to Victory’s technology.

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Norfolk school uses new germ-fighting machine to prevent viruses from spreading

NORFOLK, VA. (WAVY) — Norfolk schools are taking precautions in the wake of the flu and coronavirus outbreaks.

Christ the King School uses Victory Electrostatic Sprayers to keep their students safe from the flu, coronavirus, and other illnesses.

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Custodians armed with new technology to fight viruses

Milton Courier (WI) — The Milton School District arms their custodians with Victory Electrostatic Sprayers in order to fight off microorganisms and infectious diseases.

After absent rates hit 10%, the school partnered with the local Health Department and brought out Victory Sprayers to lead the charge in fighting off the flu.

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San Diego inventor’s design helping to battle coronavirus

SAN DIEGO (CBS8) — As the world attempts to fend off the Coronavirus, Victory Innovations remains at the forefront.

Used in over 40 countries worldwide, Victory’s electrostatic technology allows health workers to sanitize a plane in just 5 minutes while using 70% less solution.

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Coronavirus evacuees sprayed with DISINFECTANT as they arrive at quarantine in Indonesia from Wuhan

The Sun (UK) — As the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases continues to rise, some countries are taking extra precaution.

In a time of crisis, government officials turn to Victory Electrostatic Sprayers to stop the spread of harmful infectious diseases.

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Flu outbreak forces school to close

Booneville Democrat (AR) — As the number of students and employee illnesses continued to rise, Magazine School District closed its doors in order to stop the spread of infection.

Using hospital grade disinfectant, the district chose to use Victory Sprayers to deploy the solution and ensure better coverage with the hopes of students and staff returning to a safe, germ free environment.

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Fighting germs and avoiding viruses

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) — Germs have been spreading rapidly this year, alarming Georgia schools and workplaces.

In order to keep students and employees healthy, professional cleaning services have turned to Victory’s Electrostatic Technology.

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Rural Oklahoma school district shuts down due to flu

COYLE, OK (KOCO) — After 55 out of 315 students in Coyle Public Schools in Oklahoma were hit with the flu, the district took it upon themselves to close.

While closed, the Coyle Public School system turned to Victory Innovations electrostatic technology in order to fight off the flu and other infectious diseases.

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Heartland fends off the flu

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) — Heartland Schools have improved upon their cleaning measures this year with new technology.

Heartland’s crew sprays down and cleans with a new machine that helps disinfect areas more effectively.

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Tennessee Schools leave nothing to chance when cleaning

TENNESSEE (WATE) — Anderson County schools turn to Victory Sprayers to protect students from the flu.

Victory Innovations electrostatic technology helps schools sanitize with less time and better coverage to keep kids healthy and in school.

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E-sprayer fighting against sickness

Schools in the area are making a new investment to stop kinds from getting sick.

The new device aims to clean classrooms in a way other methods don’t while preventing the spread of germs. It’s called an electro-static sprayer, or e-sprayer for short.

The developers say the idea to use it is becoming contagious, in a good way!

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Electrostatic sprayers are a powerful tool in helping businesses stay sanitary

FOX BUSINESS — Victory Innovations co-founder and CEO Chris Gurreri discusses how his company’s sanitation products can help airlines, casinos and other industries resume normal operations.

Victory’s Electrostatic Sprayers are leading the charge in helping companies reopen. This technology allows companies to clean their surfaces with more efficiency and effectiveness.

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MARTA — Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority is using Victory Electrostatic Technology to help sanitize quicker and more effectively.

Delta is leading the charge in infection prevention, supplying electrostatic sprayers to public transport so they can achieve the new, better standard for disinfection.

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3 High-Tech Products to Keep Your Workplace Safe and Sanitary

INC  — As parts of the country prepare to re-open for business, they will need to be sure they are prepared to make changes to their sanitization protocol.

Victory Electrostatic Sprayers are being utilized by Delta Airlines, the New York Jets, the Atlanta Falcons, and many other organizations in order to effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

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How Marriott’s New Cleaning Protocols Will Make Future Guests Feel at Ease

TRAVEL AND LEISURE —When travel restrictions brought on by the coronavirus eventually do lift, Marriott’s new cleanliness initiative will help guests feel comfortable as soon as they arrive for a much-needed trip.

Electrostatic Sprayers are being used across the country and world to sanitize large areas quickly. Victory products are quickly becoming the standard for safe, effective, quick and easy cleaning.

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Virus purged from Hall County government buildings in minutes

THE INDEPENDENT  — A newly acquired electrostatic sprayer is being used to sterilize Hall County Courthouse and Administration Building in less than an hour each.

Victory sprayer’s ease, efficiency, and effectiveness fulfill multiple criteria as a cleaning tool. They are being utilized by businesses, schools, hospitals, and government to combat coronavirus.

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Disinfectant foggers clean up school after budget hearing

MADAWASKA, ME  — The Madawaska School Department has enforced the use of a disinfectant fogger spray gun to sanitize and disinfect a large area in a small amount of time. 

Victory’s handheld electrostatic sprayers are versatile and easy to use. Schools can use these sprayers to disinfect in a time-efficient manner, and they have been proven to be more effective than wiping surfaces down.

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New high-tech tool makes re-opening during COVID-19 safer

NEW YORK (WABC) —Nina Pineda looks at an innovative cleaning device helping make the Tri-State safe for reopening.

Schools and hospitals are relying on Victory’s Electrostatic Sprayers to keep their facilities sanitary and open. As more and more buisnesses and industries are utilizing these sprayers they are becoming the standard in reopening procedures.

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C.O. business offers disinfecting backpack sprayer to kill COVID-19 virus

BEND, OR (KTVZ ) — Brian Fallini, owner of Affordable Quality Maintenance in Bend, talks about how he utilizes Victory’s electrostatic sprayers to sanitize buisnesses, and how these sprayers work.

Using Victory’s electrostatic sprayers is an easy and efficient way to clean and kill coronavirus and many other unwanted pathogens.

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What it’s like to fly during the pandemic

Kansas City, MO (KMBZ) — Well-seasoned travelers from the Acendas Travel Agency in Mission, KS documented their trip to Minneapolis, to show clients what it’s like to fly right now during the pandemic.

Delta Airlines is utilizing Victory’s Electrostatic Sprayers to keep their planes clean, safe and sanitary.  These sprayers play a key role in maintaining the health safety of flying.

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Cleaning companies using new tech to disinfect

MADISON (WKOW) — Rather than continuing to use basic cleaning methods, business need to focus on infection prevention and proper sanitization as they begin to reopen.

Victory Electrostatic Sprayers are being utilized and are becoming an integral part of any infection prevention program in order to properly sanitize.

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BART’s 15-Point ‘Welcome Back’ Plan Includes Personal Hand Straps, Electrostatic Fog Treatments

SIFT — Bay Area Rapid Transit is preparing for more riders as businesses begin to reopen. Victory’s Electrostatic Sprayers are an important part of the 15-point plan put together.

Victory’s Electrostatic Sprayers are helping businesses meet sanitization standards and becoming a crucial part of any infection prevention protocol.

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Northeast Ohio business founder helping redefine what it means to disinfect with a new handheld device

CLEVELAND, OH (ABCNEWS) — Victory Innovations is leading the charge in infection prevention.

Victory’s Electrostatic Sprayers are becoming the industry standard by helping disinfect surfaces with more efficiency and effectiveness.

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Electrostatic Sprayers In High Demand To Disinfect Surfaces From Coronavirus

San Francisco, CA (CBS SF) — Victory’s Electrostatic Technology is being used by San Francisco Muni and AC Transit to disinfect buses in addition to United Airlines using Victory Sprayers for airplanes.

Victory’s handheld and backpack sprayers are extremely effective at disinfecting surfaces while reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

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Coronavirus In Minnesota: St. Louis Park Company Helping World Disinfect Of COVID-19

ST. LOUIS PARK, MN. (WCCO) — Victory Innovations has been at the forefront of COVID-19 efforts across the country.

Victory’s Electrostatic Sprayers are being utilized by hospitals, schools, businesses, and major airlines to fend off the coronavirus and other infectious diseases.

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Cleaning company vaporizing coronavirus worries for metro Detroit businesses

SOUTHGATE, MI (FOX 2) — Enviro-Master Services us utilizing Victory Electrostatic Technology to sanitize and disinfect Detroit businesses.

Victory’s Electrostatic Sprayers are becoming the industry standard, and has caught the nickname the “virus vaporizer” as Victory leads the charge in infection prevention.

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Quad City Airport: We aren’t legally allowed to screen for COVID-19

QCTIMES  — Quad City Airport can’t legally screen for COVID-19, so staff is taking every precaution necessary to ensure the safety of travelers.

Quad City Airport is using Victory Electrostatic Sprayers to disinfect and sanitize the airport to combat the spread of COVID-19 and keep passengers safe and healthy.

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The virusbuster boom

ENGADGET  — Enviro-Master in Austin, Texas, a commercial disinfecting company, disinfects a local Chick-fil-A restaurant amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Using electrostatic technology eliminates cross contamination and spreading disease from one surface to another with more efficiency and less chemicals.

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Improving Disinfection Outcomes with Electrostatic Technologies

CMM  — As industries and facilities try to stay ahead of public health and safety concerns, they have a newfound efficiency with electrostatic sprayers.

According to Cleaning & Maintenance Management, the EPA determined electrostatic sprayers could reduce the risk of cross-contamination among field personnel and equipment, as well as minimize additional exposure risks.

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Local company offers specialized cleaning process

CANAAN, PA. (Philadelphia Tribune) — Premier Cleaning Services, Inc. sanitizes the local Canaan Baptist Church during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Premier Cleaning Services utilizes electrostatic technology to prevent against cross-contamination while cleaning.

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