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Clean vs. Disinfect

The difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting A lot of people believe that if a surface looks clean, it is safe to touch. But is it really? While infection prevention is a priority for most businesses and public places, there is still a need for improved cleaning protocols that can help ensure public health and […]

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IPX Ratings: Why They’re Important

If you work with electronic devices, you’ve probably heard of IP ratings or IPX ratings – you’ve probably even seen an IP label on household devices like your cell phone or Bluetooth speaker. You may not know exactly what an IP rating means, but you should. It can mean the difference between a safe, effective […]

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What is Electrostatic Technology

What is electrostatic spray technology? When it comes to sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces, the traditional spray-and-wipe method has long been the go-to technique for most businesses and facilities. However, it’s not always an efficient method when you’re dealing with the disinfection of larger spaces or oddly-shaped surfaces with hard-to-reach or often overlooked areas. That’s where […]

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